Cubase 10 won't show.

I have a problem. Updated from 9.5 on a windows 10 pc. But after install I can’t find Cubase 10 anywhere on my pc, no shortcut, not in the program folder, not in the eLicenser??? Just nothing! Tryed to reinstall but the install software tells me Cubase 10 is already installed. I need some help here!!!


To make it visible in the eLicenser, you have to update your license, i.e. Enter the update Activation Code and download the license.

But the application should be visible even without the activation.

Please search the forum, there were already similar reports.

Hahaha, dumb ass! Me, that is. Took a closer look at the steinberg download software and realized that I’ve been installing the “update” not the “UPPGRADE”!!!
Still think I need some help, but that’s a different Forum :confused: