cubase 10 won't work with rewire

Hello. I have been using rewire with cubase with reason and/or ableton for years. I upgraded to cubase 10 along with reason 10 and ableton 10. Both Reason and Ableton will not run in Cubase 10. Reason runs inside of Ableton flawlessly. Can someone help?
If I go back to a previous version of cubase, still 64 bit, it will run.

I should have also said that I am running them on macbook pro 2018

Both Ableton Live Suite 10.0.6 and Reason 10.2 work on my Windows 7 x64 desktop. Running Cubase Pro 10.0.15.

Issue was “solved” :wink: but rewire is still clunkier than in 9.5
Thank you

So what “fixed” it? :wink:

I found that opening the Rewire (Reason 8) after loading the Cubase project works for me. I couldn’t open a Cubase project created in C10 with Reason open. No sure if that’s what you’re doing…

Yes, Rewire in Cubase confused me a bit at first: I thought it was broken even. I was used to Sonar where selecting the Rewired SW actually launched the other program. Once I RTFM’d and saw that you needed to open your Cubase project then setup Rewire program in Cubase then manually launch the other program it finally worked as it should. I think Steinberg did it that way because you have a lot more options on how to set up routing, which is nice.

Hi there. Reason has come up with even better system then rewire. It has Reason Rack plugin which can be used inside cubase. Just create a new instrument track and during the creation use Reason Rack plugin as the instrument. Thats all !!! Now you can use reason’s instruments inside cubase.

Hi, I have a similar issue in that I need to work on “songs” that I created using both Reason and Cubase which ran in rewire. I can get the Reason VST instruments to work in Cubase 10.5 but I need the tracks I created and played with Cubase in earlier versions of both programs to work. Any ideas?

Do you still have the older versions of Cubase installed? They should still be there if you didn’t specifically uninstall them. Have you tried using an older version of Cubase with whatever version of Reason you have? You can download back to version 7.5 of Cubase if you need to.