Cubase 10!!! Worth it?

Got a mail 9 minutes ago: Cubase 10 has arrived. And already the site is unreachable; Learn More teaches me nothing and only gets me a white screen. So without knowing the price, the new gadgets and things, I pop the question: Is it worthwhile to upgrade?

I am taking a first look…website is fine here. The best new stuff I am seeing so far that excites me is:

Variaudio 3
Drag and Drop Plugins (and I like the snapshot thumbnail idea)
Improved GUI
AAF support

I won’t be an early adopter this time as I have too many ongoing projects, but if it’s as slick as the videos make it appear, I will pay for the upgrade in the new year. The enhancements in Variaudio alone would make it worth my money.

can’t believe they’ve updated the da tube gui. wtf… :smiley:

Might seem silly but to me the whole GUI experience really matters a lot. I like when things look slick and cohesive. Updating some of the older GUIs actually made me use some of the stock plugins which I would never have done before, because I couldn’t stand looking at them :slight_smile:

The gui on the distortion plug is pretty fancy - they’ve done a good job of that.

The servers have slowed to a grind…
Look at the Cubase YouTube channel for more in depth information.
Nice GUI changes, high dpi hopefully also translates to better GUI performance.
Actually excited about this release.

I’ve just watched the Gregg Ondo walkthrough, which illustrates a number of cosmetic changes/improvements. But nothing on the crucial issue of whether the Cubase has addressed the hyperthreading limitation issues caused in Windows 10. Anyone seen any mention of this?
The Channel strip improvements look worthwhile and MPE support welcome. An £85 upgrade cost seems reasonable, and I think is unchanged from previous versions. But as someone waiting to upgrade my aged my aging pc, being able to use the full potential of the latest processors is the deciding factor.

Pretty disappointing to me.

  • Nothing new for Midi in this update…

  • No bezier curves for midi editing…

Honestly I’m a little disappointed:

  • No bezier curves for Midi CC or Pitchbend

  • Still only 8 Send Effects. I mean common, last year we’ve got 16 inserts why only 8 sends!?

  • Still a 4 band channel EQ. Why not implement the frequency EQ in the channl strip?

  • We can save a default preset for every plugin or vst instrument. Why can’t we save a default track preset for each type of track?

Some things like snapshot or the new distortion plugin looks nice. But this isn’t a big cubase 10 update in my opinion.

Then look at the video about “New Audio engine and Mixing…”

Ah, finally found it. The passing reference seems hopeful. Mixer snapshots most welcome too.

If you have to ask others, then no, it´s not worth it for you…

Apparently it’s going to have ARA support

Going back to 9.5 to check something and I already don’t like the old GUI. The one new is definitely much cleaner.

I’m impressed. Vocal align and VariAudio 3 are perfect!
Easier side chain workflow. The GUI looks great.

Please tell me they didn’t remove vst 2 support?


Whaaaaat? What makes you think they might have done that??

I can’t believe they released the new version and it’s not Mojave compatible yet…