Cubase 11.0.10 doesn't see NI S88 Mk2

Hey there…
Cubase isn’t seeing my S88 Mk2 in the device list. My board works as far as handling Komplete Kontrol and playing but the transport buttons and Mixer function do not work.

Basically, I should be able to choose the board from this list and assign the MIDI to the S88 DAW. Of course, if it isn’t listed :slight_smile:

Anyone have any ideas? BTW, this functionality works just fine in Logic and Studio One on this same machine. So it’s definitely not a NI issue.

Computer is M1 Mac mini running Big Sur and Cubase 11.0.10.


Here is an image I found on the internet that shows what it should look like…


Here is a pic showing that the S88 is setup correctly in OS X Audio Midi settings.


Unless someone here has the same gear as you, this is a question for the Native Instruments forum.

Yeah I’ve asked this in multiple places. Make no mistake, it’s 100% a Cubase issue.
But I understand the dynamics of getting an answer to a question like this.