Cubase 11.0.10 - "Edit channel settings" key command wont work on selected mixer channel

When i open up a mixer (any of the 3) and select a channel - my key command “edit channel settings” wont work. It wont open up. Nothing happens.
Now if i right click on this selected channel - i can select it from the menu and it will work.
This command (edit channel settings) in the right click menu shows my assigned key command.
So i guess thats a bug.

I’m having the same issue here - although something very specific happening and very repeatable.

I’ve set a shortcut key for “Edit Channel Settings” and mapped it to a button on my shuttlepro2 controller… this works fine using both the shortcut keys directly and the shuttlepro2 key but only in the Arranger Window (which displays the edit channel window), but not the Mixer windows.

It seems to be linked to where you click in the mixer window.

When I click on a channel in the mixer window in the area where the faders are, then try the shortcut key from the keyboard or the shuttlepro2 it either opens the first insert on the channel or does nothing - it does not open the edit channel window.

If I click in the “dead space” under the “sends” area then try the shortcut key or shuttlepro2 key, it works fine and displays the edit channel window.

Hopefully a simple fix as its a bit of a hindrance to workflow!