Cubase 11.0.10 File Browser& MediaBay very slow

Hi there,

i have been Mixing Songs in C 11.0.10 for days thinking that the Update works almost perfectly until i had to add a few samples, when i realized MediaBay & File Browser are extremely Slow compared to 10.5.20 or even 11.0.0. I left MediaBay running over night and asked it to rescan my external Harddrive (Sabrent XTM 8TB Thunderbolt …a fast NVME) and it is still slow.

Whenever i click on a Folder it takes seconds to load subfolders, and whenever i click on a folder containing just a few Samples, it sometimes takes 10 seconds to show the samples one by one. It seems to be constantly trying to load files as the rectangular icon in the top right corner is moving all the time it literally never stops.

The Drive is fast, almost 2,5gb /second and works like a charm in 10.5.2 and 10.0.0.
Same exact behavior with the MediaBay, taking ages to scan simple folders.

I’ve tried reinstalling C11.0.10 and booting up in safe mode without any settings.
Unfortunately nothing seems to be helping

Any Ideas?

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any solutions or workarounds?