Cubase 11.0.10 + HDX interface latency problem

Hi, I was wondering if anyone here had run into the same issue. I’ve been trying to record with cubase in 2 different studios, both working on Mac + protools HDX hardware (actually one has the PCIE version, the other has the thunderbolt version). In both cases, cubase uses the HDX driver, I’m able to create busses and assign them, audio comes in, no problem. However, if I try to monitor through cubase, a LOT of latency is introduced. cubase advertises somewhere between 5 and 10 ms, but in reality it’s more like 80 to 100 ms. lowering the buffer size in the HDX driver panel made no big difference.

In one of the two studios I could work around this by monitoring through the desk, but in the other studio that’s not an option. I had to ressort to recording in protools there, which is not too big of a deal, but as I mix at home in cubase this causes a lot of studio-time spent on editing and exporting wav-files.

anyone had the same issue and found a solution?

thanks in advance!