Cubase 11.0.10 Maintenance Update

EDITed my post as I was confusing myself with Left and Right! I was of course talking about the missing scales in the right zone’s Meter … sorry for that

Matthias / Steinberg,

loving your humor (more of the dev team of course).
There was a bug with the [NOT LEFT] right zone meter which showed +6dB/+12dB in the drop down menu but they were not selected. Now comes the Steinberg bug fix > they just removed +6dB/+12dB from the selection. LOL ! What a smart fix. Even more annoying: you can still set the colors for +6db and +12dB in the preferences, but for what if they do not appear anywhere in the application to be used?


Thanks @Matthias_Quellmann and Steinberg team for all your hard work.


Thank you for bringing back Houston support! It’s a lifesaver! You guys rock for listening to customer demands :+1:t2:


EUControl no longer works properly. Insert FX can no longer be edited

I really like your method of reporting the maintenance updates via the website like this - hope it continues, as the bolden headings for users of different hardware is really helpful, and everything is easy to read.

One question, is there any chance that the new MIDI Remote API will be added in the life cycle of C11? I keep raising my hopes every time i see a maintenance update. hehe.


Matthias / Steinberg,

there is something really weird with the scales for the meter. In 11.0.10 I get even more in the preferences to setup colors for (LU +9 & +18 and LUFS +9 & +18) and together with +6dB/+12dB they are not listed in the selection of scales in the meter. Wondering for what they can be selected and configured in the preferences when there is no place in the app to choose them. Call it a bug?

Metering appearance preference seems cannot be changed & saved

Nothing happened after changing the scale, and it will return to +3db digital after reopen


Where could you even select +6dB/+12dB for instance?

I tried in edit / preferences. But not work.

It seems to me that it’s more dangerous updating to a “fix” than actually installing from V .0 in recent times .


Thanks a lot.
I’m not sure if linking reports here is ok.
You did a lot of work on Frequency, I still have one issue here, that maybe I failed to explain in english. I think in dynamic mode when gain is positive the release and attack buttons are interchanged (keine Ahnung ob das richtig ausgedrückt ist, Release scheint zu machen, was eigentlich Attack tun sollte und andersrum). When gain is negative it seems to work as intended. I didn’t find someone who could follow my weird explanaitions and reproduce it though, so if you could take a look into it I’d be very happy.

Thanks a lot for you work anyway, I’m very happy that so many issues could get sorted out.

I need to verify this with the team. Supervision gets all the appearance settings from the preferences and there are +6/+12db meters in Supervision.

The MIDI Remote API is now scheduled for the next major update. I have just seen the latest prototype today. It will be worth the wait. I promise.


Does this mean more money to spend again? Or free update?

Major updates cost money.


Interesting, I will check. But also consider that +6/+12 was in 11.0.0 just not selectable but listed at least. Please also check where are the LU/LUFS +9/+18 scales, because these are not available in SuperVision either.

Seems there is a missing link or SuperVision will soon replace the Meter? :wink:

Hope it can be sorted. Thanks for looking into it.

Many thanks, MAtthias for the information and the Steinberg-Effort.
I still beg you on my knees: Could you (Steinberg) be more specific about the EUCON improvements? We users suffer from the lack of complete documentation of Eucon usage with Cubase and the vague info “compatibilit improved” is actually like kidding.
Please. This would be so helpful for so many!


Hi you, no change with the visibility-thing.
It would be a complex change - I am afraid Steinberg has lost track of what works and does not work here.


I had a strong suspicion that was going to the be case - some very cagey and carefully worded replies from SB staff on this forum.

Very annoying…and I suspect very unpopular. That was no.1 on my fix list.

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I am also very disappointed about that. I am wondering whether they have lost track of what their Eucon implementation does and what it not does. The missing documentation for it might be a hint in that direction.
Hm… sigh.