Cubase 11.0.10 on macOS Big Sur on Apple Silicon (M1) in Rosetta 2 mode. Feedback?

I started testing and comparing now. M1 MacBook 16GB vs. my i9-9900k Win10 desktop. So far it is very impressive. Cubase runs without problems, lots of FabFilter/Waves/Slate and other plugins, Superior Drummer 3, guitar and bass amp simulations etc.

Only FabFilter is silicon supported so far. So I am almost sure that the performance will be mind blowing when Cubase and the rest is native silicon as well.

BUT: The biggest source for problems is the eLicenser! It loses connection to my USB licensers all the time.

I’ve run Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 so far once successfully, after trying to start it several times, but not succeding due to problems with the eLicenser. That one time it worked well with some Kontakt instances loaded. Also, the connection to Cubase was established.

Thanks for the update. How are you connecting the elicenser to the Macbbok?

so now silicon is the native real ones ? :grin: :grin: ( .) ( .)
is the macbook M1 is comparable to powerful pc desktop ?(well the DAW/plugin companies will eventually adapt the native ARM versions)
i was about to buy powerful PC desktop+pc laptop.never had a mac. so maybe waiting to the MACbook pro 16 will replace the need for desktop+laptop pc ?( rumours say it will have 12 core silicon cheap compare to M1 with 8 cores)
is the macbook 13 quit for acoustic recording environment ,no loud fan ?

The fan did not start at least once in 1 month, as for the e licenser I did not had any problem by connecting with and usb-c adapter, not a usb hub.

You should use an adapter instead of a hub to use the usb licenser. I did not had any problems with it in this mode. You can find one for 1-2$ on Ali express. I bough 5! :slight_smile:

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Ive not heard the fan once on my Mac mini since I bought it

Great, i wonder also about the fan noise on new silicon MacBook’s

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Hello! I’m also already very excited! Next week I get the pleasure to test it myself with the M1. Because of the fan, however, I’ve already heard from various sides that it makes really quiet to even no noise! That would be absolutely one more reason to look forward to working on my next projects!

Will keep you informed about my experience.

The noise of the fan is not quiet… is off! It only starts when need it, never started for me in 3 months. :slight_smile: