Cubase 11.0.20 Freezes After Update from Cubase 10 on Windows


I’ve having a ton of freezes and crashing since updating. All I’ve done is copy my user settings into the Cubase 11 folder because my settings weren’t transferred after installing 11.

A single Kontakt track will freeze Cubase after playing for a few seconds or minutes. I get random freezes no matter how heavy the session is. Sometimes the freezes resolve after 10 seconds, usually it freezes and I have to bring up task manager to quit and restart.

The freezes happen constantly making this unusable. Any ideas of what could be the cause?


Probably not what you want to read, but I think that you should consider uninstalling C11 and reinstalling it, crossing your fingers about the user preferences transfer, as something got obviously wrong during the installation.

If you are on a Windows platform, be sure to reinstall C11 as administrator (I use an administrator account for any upgrade/installation task) and that NOTHING will go in the way during the process (I’m thinking about antivirus, system power scheme, USB management, etc.).

FWIW, I haven’t got issue when doing the upgrade, including the preferences transfer, and since 11.0.00 the whole thing has been rock solid, until now, but it was from 10.5.20.

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