Cubase 11.0.20 maintenance update

Matthias thank you for the update.

I have a request/question- with versions prior to 11 on Windows we always had an option to roll back an update in Windows Control panel which is now gone with v11.

Also the new download links in the Steinberg support area were changed (now they use sda) so you cant chnage the update version numbers in the link like we were able with the older ones to download previos update version. This is really helpful if something doesnt work with the current maintenance update. There is no way to get previous updates for v11.
Could this be fixed in some way.


Edit: Matthias and support will try to find a solution to this.


Thanks steinberg.Awesome update.Works perfectly on my High Sierra .

Without wanting to sound ungrateful, i dont see any of the constant issues ive had in the release notes.
It seems more things that should have worked before and didnt (shame on you) that have been fixed, rather than the unstable nature of the program.

Wonderful update! Great job, Steinberg!
M1 Mac user here and everything is working wonderfully. Everything is perfectly stable and I even see some efficiency/performance improvements (as would be expected with a now supported version)

Keep up the great work.


Is this update JUST for Mac users ?

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@Matthias_Quellmann hello,
Thank you very much for the update! :slight_smile:
Unfortunately the problems related to the HiDPI are almost unresolved, only stuttering effect is has been significantly reduced, but not completely.

All other problem with the grid appearance is still there. There was a problem within the Audio Editor, too, but still I didn’t check for it in this update.

Best regards,

A quick update to online Release Notes needed @Matthias_Quellmann

Under 'Miscellaneous’

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That’s what I’d guess, in most areas. Certainly most efforts were put into the M1 compatibility rather than fixing the main issues with the program. Since too many Apple people just purchased an unsupported system and then complained that their main application isn’t working on an incompatible system, Steinberg was forced to serve the Apples first. Guess a lot of good fixes were left behind as there was not enough staff to work on it. Putty thing

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Typical Mac, put every other company under pressure because the consumer is never happy unless they have the latest and greatest . Lucky it’s not me running Steinberg i would say "you’ll have to wait , it’s your fault for buying unsupported hardware "


This is my “made my day fix”:

In the Meter tab, +6 dB and +12 dB digital scales were removed.
It was broken in 10.5.x then even worse in 11 and then just now removed :smiley:

What else isn’t working as announce? Ok, got it, lets remove it!

My humor.


As you know , Steinberg always remove functions so they can work on the coding behind it and then most of the times reinstall it and as far as Cubase glitches go if Steinberg isn’t admitting to there being an issue or want to make it public then they will just go ahead and fix it without any release notes, imo

Still not supported though. Logic, here I come!

Can also confirm that on Windows 10 the tool selector indicator is still not working. Also still no 2-lines in the mixer text box (as the Apples have it since a while).
About the meters I am confused, since in the Master Meter +3,+6, +12 are selectable and are now displaying the range in the meter. Where were they removed again?

The version history states this:

In the Meter tab, +6 dB and +12 dB digital scales were removed.

I know only of one Meter Tab which is in the right section and labled “Meter”. Selecting the Meter tab will let me choose from various scales, including the +6 and +12 db scales, which works even now, didn’t select +6/+12 in 11.0.10. So where is the mentioned Meter tab?

For other stuff I still guess many things were just done to support Apple Silicone.

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First thought, check out the vote, why so many unsatisfied.
Second, oh they have improved the zoom options. Windows independent zoom, that works for me, perhaps they fixed the Sampler Track zoom issue while they where at it. Lets install.
Third though, oh its still broken…
Much that’s it nice to have the new feature, can we start by fixing the problems first.

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Continued checking a few things and stumbled again over the “Destinations” tab in the “Stereo Out” Channel. It is empty since “Stereo Out” features no sends at all. So there is a large grey area by default with no use. Only if you switch to “Cue Sends” it shows something more useful. Furtheremore the GUI is glitchy as the text “Destinations” is partly covering the “Bypass” button for the (none existing) Sends.

So I think you are talking about the independent scaling options, right? 'Cos reading Zoom it was looking for something else.

I stand corrected, you are quite correct.

Still the bug exist that changes in the display of MIDI Events via the Insepctor (i.e. from normal MIDI as bars to Drum Map) does not directly refresh the Event display. You’d have to hoover over the vents successively to see the changes, annoying. Was reported and confirmed as I understood but not considered to be a worthy fix?

Voted dissatisfied. Update was long overdue and didn’t fix my pain.

The entry in changelog says:

Some plug-ins with a resizable user interface were not displayed correctly.

And the bug I’ve described here in JANUARY still reproduces as described.

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Not a Cubase specific problem, but related to the used installer on Windows. All entries from jumplists are gone after the update from 11.0.10 to 11.0.20. Same happens with Blender. On the other hand programs like Ableton Live and the Affinity Suite keep jumplist after an update. And I remember that this wasn’t an issue in earlier versions prior to 11.