Cubase 11.0.20 maintenance update

At this point I’m convinced that this will never be fixed!
Steinberg is totally aware of this issue and has known for over a year now but just doesn’t care.
Fixing this is obviously a very low priority to them.


Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback. I will try to answer as many questions regarding still existing issues as possible. Please bear with me while I look up the issues in our system and gather the feedback from the teams.

In order not to bloat this thread, please create or link to the post with the issue report and details.


So far so good on MacBook Pro i7 running 10.14.6. Installed perfect. I think there is a few fixes in the mixdown window. On multiple export looks like the tracks are now being named correctly. Not sure if I’ll upgrade to MacOS 11 just yet.

Hi Steve, this is a known issue as stated by Martin in the issue post. Visual highlight missing for hovered tool in right-click toolbox - #3 by liljefelt

Unfortunately a fix is not as trivial as it may seem. That is why other fixes have been prioritised higher for now. But I totally understand the annoyance of the issue.

Also, the Arranger Track Audio Mixdown issue is not fixed
If you export with an Arranger Chain the export is just not complete, you have to flatten the Arrangement as a workaround. Quite cumversome

This is a bug I reported and was put off as a feature request but that is clearly not the case since two key commands of the same category behave differently in regards to focused Mixer windows.

This bug is supposedly fixed but that is not the case for all the Filter Targets in the PLE

Still not corrected use of the line tool ( Key Editor) does not show me the speed value. It works fine in Cubase 9.5, 10, 10.5. However, the Pencil tool does display the values.

@Pablin_Drummer @cubic13 I have commented on the window handling issue in the thread: Windows handling system -- Cubase goes behind other winows - #10 by Matthias_Quellmann

@Thurisaz @arieln I have commented on the HiDPI grid lines issue here: Cubase Pro 11 Project Window and Key Editor Grid Issue caused by HiDPI - #21 by Matthias_Quellmann

@Biochip @nikhollis @Dave_Peppiatt The line-break / two line issue on Windows is still on our list. Unfortunately the fix wasn’t scheduled for this update.

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Well, actually quite a few complaints are leftovers from previous versions, even before Cubase 10.

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I use to calculate the actual track length from the arranger page and setting the left and right locator accordingly, and if you then have a “blank” section of 8 bars in the end, you can export an arrangement without flatten it.

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bruh, Steinberg could add 1000 bugs to Cubase and it would still be better than Logic


Maybe, but it is made for the computer that I use. Cubase is made for steam engines.

This is kind of misleading in the release notes. The options for +6dB and +12dB are available again the 11.0.20.

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Have you created an issue post for this? Can you post the link please?

please fix this:

When using the “combine selection tool” and pressing “1” to change tool the icon will not display correctly on the mouse pointer. It will be one click behind when mouse is stationary. Super annoying. Once the mouse is moved the correct icon is shown. The tool it shown correctly in the tool bar.

Hi @sergeyotro, I have commented on the Fabfilter issue in the thread.Cubase 11 / Win10 - FabFilter plugins automatically change window size when reopened - #14 by Matthias_Quellmann

Could you please point me to the issue thread?

Hi Matthias,

I reported the same via the Steinberg support ticket #381253 (in my case it is still open).


Additionally this is my thread about it (perhaps Biochips was referring to it?):

Cubase Pro 11.0.10 - Win 10 20H2 - Event redraw issue? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

This update wiped my recent file list (again). Why does this happen? Not happy. More creative time down the drain fixing this up.

Good job. Still here: Project window keeps leaving the maximised view

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