Cubase 11.0.20 maintenance update

After the update to 11.0.20 the colors in Supervision are way too dark. This is how it looks like after I installed the update:

System is a Macbook Pro with Big Sur (11.2.3). Do I need to reset some settings, but note that this is one of the default presets and it also happens when I start Cubase with the preferences disabled.

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The toolbar that appears when click the right mouse button still does not show the shading when browsing between tools… It was reported since the first build of C11

Thank you!

Remove from hub list for old tracks works! Thank you

Same case here, in Windows, when the channel in which this supervision is black, or dark. Why don’t they let us put the colors we want in Supervision? by default ??? I think it would be good.

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Exactly my point. It was btw promised. I think when Cubase 10 came out or even earlier, that the new age has begun where Steinberg would even start to address minor issues with more frequent, on spot, bug fixed updates. Certainly behind the curtains someone decided lets keep the approach of x time an update and 2 times a year a paid “major” update. Sic


Was said it is way more complicated than it looks (kind of strange to me though, becuase it was so easy to remove it LOL). Btw in the upper toolbar it works still well

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About SuberVision UI > did they remove the generic coloring and now let it just follow the channel color? Perhaps, if your channel is then not colored or dark it looks of course weird. I remember the previous default was always this CYAN coloration and you could even change that (think so), also alternatively it was colored by the track’s color. Now it is only following track color and this option is missing to choose what you prefer…can this be true???

OKOK, checked it again and to me it appears to be still the same. Some analysers just do not have their “own” color but always use the track color (this is something where I am not sure if it was really the same before). For the Level meter for instance you can choose between Scale or Track for the color and if Scale is used you can select from the different scales. Just phase etc. they are now colored by the track color, where I think before it was CYAN all the time, wasn’t it??

WINDOWS 10 here <<


I’ve used Cubase since 1996. It rarely crashed for me. It now does constantly. Nothing changed except that I updated to this “maintenance update”.


How do I roll this back? If anyone can tell me, please let me know!

Is this for real? do u mean it was said this will not be fixed? just gone? :grimacing:

Yes! Absolutely

There weren’t as many 3rd party plugins in 1996

I have not installed a single new plugin since I updated from 11.0.10.

have you tried disabling them in safestart?

I remember it being cyan as well and was searching for the color option yesterday too. Weird!

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The Steinberg Download Assistant gives a lot of options to download stuff - awesome!
For me - I ‘just’ have purchased Cubase 11 Pro - I can select “Cubase Pro 11” and “Cubase Pro 11 Update” on the left side and receive different lists of content on the right side. The list for the updates is a bit shorter.
What I do not understand:
Q: Why does the Assistant NOT show packages that I have installed already as INSTALLED?
It would help a lot to see for which components updates are available.
Q: Why the different lists?

Hint: Take a look at other vendor’s management apps and clearly show us:

  • What is not installed.
  • What is installed.
  • Which of the installed parts have an update available.

Finally the wording:

The following components are required to update to Cubase 11.0.20:

  • Cubase 11.0.20 – Application (required)*

To me it reads like version 11.0.20 updates to 11.0.20. Makes no sense to me.

Thanks :slight_smile:


You just need to download and install Cubase 11.0.20 - Application. It’s the full installer of the core application.

The Steinberg Download Assistant will be constantly improved with new functionalities like the “hints” you are mentioning.


“Close all plug-ins” doesn’t work for MIDI plug-ins. This is a known issues, but there is currently no fix scheduled.

There are different opinions on how the VCAs should be implemented. Could you pleas point me to the issue who are referring to?

The numeric ordering scheme in the MediaBay is probably by design. But I will have to talk to the dev to get detailed feedback on this.

Could you please create a new post and send us the crash report? Maybe we can see in the report what’s causing the issue.