Cubase 11.0.30 crashes on start [solved]

It may be offtop, but i don’t know what to do. Last week I purchased update from 10.5. Cubase PRO 11 started normal the 1-st time. I was trying to re-activate one plugin from blacklist and the program crashed immediately. After I removed that plugin from VST / AU completely, but Cubase 11 PRO is not starting. The previous version 10.5 was working fine and having no issue with the same plugin set. I tried all options in the save mode start - nothing helps. It crashes without any notification at “Plugin VST2 2. x manager”. The only way i can start program is by disabling all third party plugins - but there is not much use from DAW without plugins.

I’m on 27’’ iMAc (2019). 10.15.7

Cuabse 10.5 works great. Any ideas on how to solve this…? I was trying to find a support on site, but for my country (Lithuania) i find only distributor in Germany with - it doesn’t sound right. Or is this the right way to get help…?

If there is no solution - is there away to get my money back for the update…?

WBR / kostas

Hey, have you tried to “Disable Program Preferences” in the Safe Start Mode as well?

Yes, with all other options (except disable all 3-rd party plugs from safe menu) does not work. Crash without any notification at the same time during start-up.

Ok. Could you please try to move the whole preferences folder of Cubase 11 to your desktop (or some other folder) or copy it and delete the original prefs folder?

Which plug-in did you remove from the blocklist?

And could check if there is really no crash log? If you open the “console” (just search for “console” in spotlight search on your Mac). There is a tab called “Crash reports”.

Yes, there is a crash report. Can i paste all here…? There is a long file :slight_smile:

I’m not sure, where Cubase pref folder is (Mac nob, using it for the music only) :slight_smile:

Please upload the file, so we can import it in our system.

Here is a guide for the prefs:

ReportCrash_2021-07-14-145256_Kostass-iMac.crash (54.4 KB)

It works! Removing pref folder helped. Thank You!!!

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Excellent! Which plug-in was causing the trouble?

At first it was old version of XLN audio RC-20. But after that i removed a lot old/unused stuff from plugs folder :slight_smile:

By the way - updated version of RC-20 works just fine :slight_smile:

Thank you one more time!!!

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Hello Matthias - I am having the same 11.0.30 startup issues -
Cubase 11_2021-07-25-183802_Christians-MacBook-Pro.crash (106.0 KB)
Im hoping you can help me out too! - here is the error log

Have you tried to delete the preferences folder?

Yep - No Dice - Cubase takes forever to start, then it starts, scans and registers plugins and allows me to select my audio device - when I get through to the launch dialog I choose an empty template, select the designated audio directory and then boom! its crashes - every time, before and after I removed the prefs folder

Hello, I am having this exact problem. I have tried moving the preferences folder and that does not help. Did you manage to find a solution?

I have an important deadline coming up and needed to upgrade to be able to batch export. Finding this extremely stressful, especially after spending out on the upgrade. I would greatly appreciate any help!!

@Matthias_Quellmann could you help?

Here is the crash report:
Cubase 11_2021-09-08-231616_MacBook-Air.crash (101.8 KB)

Im embarrased to say this but - it seems that Steinberg has made it quite clear that 11.0.30 (unbeknownst to me at the time) is only compatible with OSX 10.14 Mojave and above, no more High Sierra support - after I was made aware of this, I did a fresh install of Mojave and I have never looked back! - works like a charm and although I was a bit annoyed at first about the change I gotta say everything seems to be working better then it ever has - I hope this solves your problem and good luck!

Thank you so much for your quick reply!

Can I ask how you did the install? I’ve looked it up and there seems to be two ways: direct upgrade via an app, which it seems is less hassle, but warns that it is possible to download a damaged copy, or upgrade via clean install using bootable USB. Which would you advise?

Clean install - bootable usb 100% - it’s quite easy to do - google “create bootable Mojave usb drive using createmediainstall tool” and go to the apple support page option (this forum does not allow us to post direct links) dunno what your computer skill level is but just read carefully and go slow and you’ll be fine - you’ll need to use the terminal to execute the createinstallmedia command and you’ll also need to download the Mojave installer to your computer - and of course a 16gb minimum usb thumb drive - good luck! - when the terminal asks you to enter your admin password to begin the creation of the disk just enter it and press return - you won’t see the digits on screen as you type but they are being entered - this took me a while to realize when I did my first one and I found it confusing

Sup Fam!

I had crashing issues also.
Cubase 11 Pro.

My fix was to update macOs.
I was running an older macOs, High Sierra.
Updated to Big Sur, now all seems fine.

Hope this helps someone :fist: