Cubase 11.0.30 Crashing Like Mad

Just updated to Cubase Pro 11.0.30 and jumped into my project . It is crashing like mad randomly . Things will appear okay for a while and then suddenly crash. It has happened 7 times today!!!

I advise everyone to stay well clear of this update if you are in the middle of a project .

I hope we can get a hotfix to this asap as there was far less crashes on 11.0.20

11.0.30 seems to have been built in a rock, here : not a single crash since its installation.

So, what to say ? maybe more precisions about your setup, and the eventual FXs/VSTis used, would help…

I’m having way less issues myself. I’m afraid you might need to disable all non-Steinberg plug-ins and start from there. Also if I can offer a tip that has helped me: On Windows I backup the C drive state with Acronis - this is hands down the best software investment I’ve made on Windows. I do this before any major change to the software. It means I can go back to the last setup in 5 minutes. This works much better than any Windows offering. On a Mac, Carbon Copy Cloner will do the same thing. This has saved me a lot of pain. Acronis runs from a USB - no need to have the app running on the computer at all. Reboot, restore the partition and everyhing is back. Hope you sort it out.