Cubase 11.0.30 Maintenance Update Available

I think it is a complex situation with various undo histories going on simultaneously so they simplified it, I hope it could be brought back but understand if it doesn´t

So when did this localized undo vanish? 10.0? 10.5? 11.0.30?

Thanks. We have reported this bug now.

I read it was still there in 10 but coming from C6 (which already had localized undos) I can’t confirm this.

Yeah! I’d love to see Download Assistant and Library Manager ground to flour and rebaked as one glorious app instead of two. Imagine the control and the power !!! :sunglasses:

Indeed, and when using the two, I get this, taking Padshop as example :

Which doesn’t help at all. Actually, and even if “recommended”, Padshop 2.0.30 is already installed…

So, none of these two are able to tell the us, users, these :

  • which version of the involved VSTi is installed ?
  • Are the contents related to it up to date ?

Seems rather basic concerns to me, when trying to manage what is related to Steinberg products… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The Mackie Hue Midi Setting Are Still Not Staying Sticking Whatever You Want To Call It ( That Sucks ) Because Everytime i Close a Project and Then Start It Back Up The Studio Setup Settings Mackie Hue Midi In and Midi Out Back To Default Not Connected i Have Been Waiting For This Update a Long Time AND IT STILL DID NOT FIX IT ( CAME ON STEINBERG ) I Am Getting Tired Of Resetting Stuff Every Time i Close Down And Restart

Maybe it was my adblocker or something. It asked to open the link in external software, so far so good, but when I accepted nothing happened.

If someone has the same issue: try in different browsers.

I have bug with all Sound Toys plugins!
when you click on any knob it moves to lower position and you cant change it’s value.
Very embarassing

Yes, works in 10.0.60, doesn’t work from 10.5 onwards. I want this back, too! This function was soooo useful. In fact, I used it all the time without even thinking about it - it was just intuitive.

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Since I’ve made the last update, I cannot select my wave fx plugins anymore. They are shown in the list of plugins, but I cannot select them , while others are possible to select. Does anyone can help me on this issue please.

Native access from native instruments is pretty ideal. That’s what I want from Steinberg.

What’s installed… What’s not… what needs updated.


Not seeing that here on latest Soundtoys version and not seeing it reported anywhere else right now either after some limited searching. Poss a bit premature to call it “embarrassing”!

Would be useful for others to know your OS, version, Soundtoys version etc, to help you trouble shoot. Soundtoys are well overdue for VST3 update IMO. Love the plugs, have the full bundle, but C’mon Soundtoys :slight_smile:

There’s still a mute issue remaining for disabled/enabled tracks in 11.0.30:

I was told that from version 10.5.10, mute state is not part of disabled tracks anymore, so they should always be unmuted when enabled. However, those tracks are still muted (but not indicated by mute button colors, which can be a bit tricky if one is not aware of this issue).

Reported, and repro, here:

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New controller curves not always working correctly

I created a different thread, but not sure if it is in the correct place. It is related to 11.0.30.

I really love the new curves that you can use in the midi controller lanes, but I also hate them, as they do not produce reliable results.
Sometimes the midi information stutters from the value it is suppose to send back to 127 and back to the value. If this happens, I need to rewrite all my curves.
I know that this was suppose to be fixed in the first patch, but it still is not.
Anybody else is having this issue? Is this known to Steinberg? Are they working on it?
Seems to be a complex topic.

I attached a curve that is currently causing issues. Only the blue circled points are causing spikes.

I now have audio drop outs when recording after installing the update.

Yes - I’m also getting dropouts on playback with this - maybe 10 a day with no reason for them…

Installed without issue. I’ve been using the update for about a week and all is working well. Thanks Steinberg


What don’t you like about native access?

Neither Native Access nor Steinberg Download Assistant + Library Manager, Toontrack Product Manager is the example to follow, no doubt.