Cubase 11.0.30 Maintenance Update Available

Well now, that is a surprise. Thanks Puma0382.

Oh no! I haven’t tried it yet but I was def having that issue too.

Must be your graphics as all the Gui is fine here

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Really? Ok… good to know… I didnt have this issue in C10. I wonder if this could be related to 4K?

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First, comments about the installation process, getting more and more complicated and unfriendly for the average user. Among others :
- first, the Download assistant that needs an update nearly each time we have to use it, and it’s not an instant process, far from it…
- second, a mandatory connection to Steinberg, with the inevitable acceptance of all the cookies…
- Third, the cryptic display of the available items that could be downloaded when choosing a category, such as Cubase 11 Pro one : what is actually already installed and what isn’t (I’m thinking about the different bundled instruments and their contents, here) ?
- Fourth, the Release notes still not available as PDF : the result is that I had to copy its content as ‘Non formatted text’ in Libre Office (the MS print to PDF is not reliable, several paragraphs being simply erased) to use them. Is it so complicated to Steinberg to make a PDF ? They were existing not so long ago…

Now the 11.030 release itself, after just a quick test :

  • Overall it seems stable. It was already the case for me with 11.0.20.
  • A noticeable improvement in several Cubase windows behavior, such as the Profile Manager one : Cubase no longer vanishes when using them.
  • OTOH, the instrument tracks inspector is still unable to maintain visible the panes, in the sub-inspector <instrument name> one, even if pinned. Well known by Steinberg, as being reported several times already…
  • The folder tracks inspector display is still unusable (
  • I’ll let beside all the things that need a serious overhaul (remote control features, Cubase behavior in the Windows task manager, color management), waiting for the 11.5.00 release notes.

Overall, I voted dissatisfied again, sorry… :expressionless:

Metering appaerance still don’t work .
I can’t change the color. :neutral_face:


Dissatisfied. Because as always, something’s gotta break.
Spectral layers already had issues with “docking” it to the lower. Now it’s even WORSE.
Now, When I dock it breaks the frame of the GUI and the only way to fix it is to resize the whole Cubase window. Another unnecessary CLICK added to an already clicky happy DAW!!

Cubase GUI needs an overhaul, the constant piling on is making it just a crappy user experience…still the best DAW for rn but man oh man.

ftr, yes, updated, rebooted, latest Graphic drivers etc…

Just tested and it seems to have the issue when the right zone is open. It also breaks the top part of the tools…wow…just WOW

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Is it just the application update or are some of the optional components updated as well? Unfortunately, I am still unable to recognize which of these 20 something download components are actually new. A simple “new” or “update” label like in other updater tools (NI, UVI, etc.) would certainly be helpful.

I don´t think Steinberg takes us seriously anymore, very underwhelming update, lots of things unresolved.
Probably will get a new plugin that no one wants on 11.5 that kept the resources from making Cubase less buggy.


I’m hoping that at least it will work on my new Macbook Pro 16 in (8 core i9, 16GB Ram, 1TB HD) that shipped with macOS Catalina 10.15.7. I’ll post in a few days if there is any issues, I’m running Cubase Pro 11.0.10 on my 2015 Macbook Pro running macOS 10.14.6. This is a clean install and so far at least the software installed. Hoping for the best.

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Switching between track versions no longer resets ARA extension settings.

Melodyne bug fixed ? Wow!
Well done!


I really would like to ask why there are no hotfixs and there are only very low frequency sporadic updates. Why? Have you discover a bug? Fix it now! Can’t never understand the Steinberg update policy. Years and years of users surveys and they yet can’t change their mind about the fact that it’s better fix the bugs frequently.

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too complicated a program for hotfixes. hot fixes are for emergency situations where things have gone really wrong, they’re not for appeasing users perceptions of “appropriate” release intervals

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Maybe “hotfix” is a wrong word. Anyway, fast and little update to fix what already they know would be the best thing. Exactly what you can expect from a serious company.

Solid update for me, very happy. - the melodyne ara2 track versions bug was a killer.

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because it is a fairly, comparatively to other DAWs and software in general, a complicated program and each change needs to be thoroughly tested because “fixes” can sometimes cause problems elsewhere. Fixes need to be tested individually but also as clumps together. Also multiple people are probably working on multiple bugs at the same time, so having to balance testing with compiling new installers is just not logical or practical.

Unfortunately - Very Dissatisfied.

The behavior of the Lower Zone is the same (not that I expected it be fixed in this update), but still, it is something that makes using the latest version of Cubase unusable for me on a laptop.

See here for more details: Lower Zone minimum size is too big

If the Developers can add a small tool in the top right of the Sampler Track, and Midi Editor so that you can “open in new window” then why can’t the same be done for the Chord Pads?

Every tab on the lower zone can be opened in a large window EXCEPT Chord Pads. For example:

Mix Console - F3 to new and large window that can be resized to suit screen
Midi Editor - Click the top right button “open in new window”
Sampler Control - When a sampler track is loaded click top right button “open in new window”
Chord Pads - No option to use in new window!

So what this means is, that users are forced to use Chord Pads within the Lower Zone.

For future releases I would like to see either:

Option A - Add small button in top right as per Midi Editor so Chord Pads can be “opened in new window”. This is the most logical and I assume, easiest solution.

Option B - If Developers cannot do this for some reason, then just restore the behavior of the Lower Zone like it was in Version 9.5, which allows the user to modify the minimum size down so it takes up only 25% of the screen instead of 50% of the screen like it does now.


I have an annoying issue with the new release, when changing the numbers in the ‘fade-in/fade-out’ in the top bar when highlighting audio… It doesn’t apply to the actual visible fade curves on the audio. It simply doesn’t change. So frustrating! Is anyone else experiencing this?
Windows 10 / Cubase 11.0.30

Works as expected for me.