Cubase 11 & 12 - Bravura font problem when inserting a clef change

There has been a minor problem with the implementation of the Bravura font in Cubase 11 and since (it’s still unsolved in Cubase 12). When inserting a clef change, the ‘Classical’ font is used instead.

To recreate this:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Play in some MIDI
  3. Create a score of the MIDI
  4. Insert a clef change (e.g., in the bass clef insert a change to treble clef)

I’m on Windows 10, using Cubase 12, but it also applies to all previous versions of Cubase 11.

How did you conclude that it’s not Bravura?

I am afraid you are right :smiling_face_with_tear:

ah. Now I see all the words in the OP. :anguished:

Dear Maestro, thank you for the wonderful picture - much clearer than my post! :slight_smile:

As of update 12.0.20 this issue has not yet been addressed.