Cubase 11 - 12, how do i upgrade (grace period)?

I have Cubase Pro 11 (Grace Period Eligible). how can i start Cubase 12 (which i’ve now managed to download) without getting a “No Licence Fond”? Dongle is in. My Cubase 11 is listed if i check my profile and products.

From some reading it seems like i need to start the download assistant again, enter the download code (pretty sure its how it worked with Cubase 11)? Problem is Cubase 11 doesn’t come with a Cubase 12 download code and i don’t know how to get it either.

The instructions are very vague.

You will probably need the Steinberg activation manager. Search for that and download and install it on your computer. Run the activation manager.

One problem I had was finding the activation manager program on my computer after installing it. I had to manually search for it as there were no desktop shortcuts created.
As part of this process Steinberg sent me an email with my code to enter. Hope this helps.

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The whole activation process is a joke, there are so many variables for the user:
download manager
actviation manager
online profile activations

there’s no way of knowing where to start, what to check… after many hours (no help from Steinbergs site) pretty much by accident i found out you can left-click on the profile pic in activation manager (i believe it was), then do a “grace period check”, THIS will open a web page (lol…) and from there you eventually get an access code (via email) if you also agree to subscribe to the newsletter (lol?).

It’s like a bad comedy and you can probably learn a new OS or a DAW in the same period as learning how to activate a Steinberg product. I tried their problem solver for this and nowhere this is mentioned.

Absolutely ridiculous.

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