Cubase 11/12 MIDI channels disappeared

Yesterday I had a very odd situation where upon starting up Cubase the Inspector was showing missing MIDI input channels for any above 8 on both Cubase 11 & Cubase 12. This condition was present on any project I opened . To be clear, the attached image shows was I normally see with MIDI ports of up 32. But I was only seeing 8–errors of missing Inputs for channels 9 and above. This is on a Mac so I did a restore on MacOS Montery 12.8.3 but this didn’t help. Next I restored the all Data using Migration Assistant and this fixed the problem .So is there some parameter that controls this that I can change to avoid all this hassle?


Are these virtual MIDI Ports? Where do they come from?

They come from VEPro. By the way, I even tried deleting and re-installing both VEPro and Cubase 12, rebooted many times - but that didn’t help. Even using projects without VEPro, there still were no MIDI channels above 8. It sure was quite a panic yesterday!