Cubase 11.5 Important feature requests

Post your features here in an unlocked thread. Obviously from a utilitarian standpoint Cubase is unbeatable. From a power user standpoint it is weak.

Request 1: Optimize Cubase and how it manages real time processing. Take notice of Reapers and Audio Gridders technology. LEARN from this. Give us an update on how you PLAN to implement the next update to synchronize with the new AMD Zen 3 V-CACHE processors, because obviously in Cubase the individual processors don’t communicate worth a shit.

Request 2: Enable all Cubase plugins to be upsampled…Like OBVIOUSLY.

Request 3: Build a plugin that links midi parameters together so that one automation can edit multiple parameters from one or more VSTs. Like Fruityloops has been able to do this for 10 YEARS! WTF.

Please – post only one feature request per topic.

Why? three is NOT overwhelming!

It’s not possible to count votes if there is more than one request in a topic.

I support you for the role of Steinberg CTO, I’m sure the software will be perfect in less than 6 months.

LOL. try spending 1000$ on a processor only to have half the cores useless