Cubase 11 AI wont recognize my audio interface

I have scoured hours of videos, actually got Cubase to recognize my Steinberg UR RT2 for a week. All of a sudden, in the studio setup Cubase tells me I’m running a generic asio usb device. There is no option to add the device I really have and the output when I run Cubase is crackly and popping. The device works fine when cubase isnt running. It interefaces fine with Gojira DSP. Im at a complete loss. Any pointers as to get it to run.
Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling, fresh restarts with interface hooked up. Uninstalling and reinstalling every bit of audio software I have. I’ve even disable other audio devices on my computer and the bluetooth.
Im stuck.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

I would download and install the latest TOOLS and drivers. Make sure to install it as administrator, please.