Cubase 11 + ancient midi keyboard = trouble


I’ve just browsed the internet for hours looking for a solution, but no. My problem in a nutshell: I can’t get my midi keyboard controller to work in Cubase 11 artist.

So, my keyboard is a very old MK-61 (no USB, no drivers), which in connected to Focusrite scarlett via a midi jack. I can see the midi signal in Focusrite, but it does not reach Cubase.

Otherwise Cubase is working fine. I can get VST instruments playing with a virtual keyboard, so I don’t suppose my problem here is a routing issue.

Also, in Studio Setup → MIDI port setup, in ‘All MIDI Inputs’ has been grey the whole time. No boxes to tick there.

Any help would be highly appreciated. (Even if you’re forced to tell me to purchase myself a brand new keyboard)

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Is the Focusrite MIDI port listed within the Studio Setup / MIDI screen then? Are you able to take a screenshot and copy it on here?

What is the Scarlett model you have? and which operating system are you using it on?

Focusrite not listed within the Studio Setup-MIDI screen. Just Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth, showing active output, no input.

My Focusrite is 2i4, 2nd gen, I think.

And I’ve got a PC, running a Windows 11.

Ok, so this problem is outside of Cubase I’d imagine.

Are you able to check device manager in Windows to see if the MIDI port is listed in there?

Look out for any question mark or ‘other’ categories that would suggest that the hardware has been found but a suitable driver has not been located - if that’s the case then, there’s your problem.

I’m not on Win 11 myself, but it’s possible perhaps that the class compliant driver included has not identified the MIDI port. It may be worth downloading the latest Focusrite driver if you’ve not already?

Device manager checked. Nothing midi there. I tried updating drivers - no bonus. I ran a diagnostic tool - the same result. Restarted furiously.

I tried turning on and off the additional Win11 audio drivers (which I assume are quite useless). That did nothing.

I think I just throw in the towel, and get a new keyboard. And when that doesn’t work either, get a new audio interface too…

Anyway, thanks skijumptoes!

Hold your horses, boy.

I didn’t have a Focusrite USB driver. Now I’ve got it, and midi works. Happy ending.

Thank skijumptoes for pointing me to the right direction!

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Oh glad to hear it. Have fun! :slight_smile: