Cubase 11 (and 10 and 9) metronome issues and offset midi

I’m not new to cubase and I’ve been having this issue for ages now - it’s almost become second nature to record a midi part, then go into the editor and select all and move the notes back to the start of the part before I dare quantize. It always seems to record a little bit off - especially when I’m using something external like an access virus, or my deepmind.

This happens with either state of Constrain Delay Compensation - which is a lovely feature if you’re using quite a few FX

The PC is fine, no latency issues (checked with latencymon) I’m using a decent soundcard (TC native SK48) at 128

The metronome in Cubase 11 never seems to sync properly (using the beep through the main audio out of my soundcard), it’s off enough to really hear it - gets better with constrain delay compensation on - but why wouldn’t the metronome work even with it off?

Has anyone got any ideas that aren’t: it’s your PC, or your dpc latency?

The metronome is much worse in cubase 11 than in previous versions. the midi timing thing isn’t my playing… honest…


(I did search, but all of the advice in these topics seems to end with someone saying dpc mon, or some soundcard issue, the OP never responds, I presume they give up. other DAWs don’t do this. Pro 24 didn’t do this…

I’ve noticed this as well for a long time. I’m never sure if I’m that bad playing on time or if it’s Cubase doing weird things.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any workaround to suggest. I really like to know if someone has an hint about this!

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Thanks for the reply mborque - at least I’m not alone… I’ve been using this software for decades now: there are important improvements in 11 for me, but this is basic stuff - timing is everything.