Cubase 11 and Apple m1

will there come new updates which allow to work with Apple m1 computers and Cubase 11? Is there maybe a approximate time?
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Yes please! Bought a MacBook Air a month after buying Cubase 11, now I have software I can’t use… Thinking about refund.

it seems the new M1 and the upcoming M1x are outperform the current intel/AMD CPU architecture.
i never had a mac, so i wonder if it worth wafting few months for the new 16 inch M1x MacBook pro (instead of windows desktop)or go for windows laptop / + desktop.
I’m not sure what is Steinberg’s position in adapting to the new macs

At least they have released the tools for plugin vendors to check their compatibility with VST3. Cubase have some third party code and their contract with them might getting this to complicated. Steinberg might not even have the source code.