Cubase 11 and Boss RC 505 looper

I am interested to hear about others experiences using Cubase in a windows environment with the Boss Rc505. I have managed to use Cubase as a master to start playback of the Boss via midi clock, but not the other way round. Also, when I stop Cubase, it does not stop the looper playing. However, it does allow me to record the output of the boss in sync with Cubase. Any other ways of doing this?

What I would like to do is to output from the cubase audio interface (via UR44) into the Boss. So that anything played within Cubase can be recorded into the Boss. However, I think this must involve something called an aggregate device (combining the drivers for the UR44 and the Boss) which it seems cant be done well in Windows. Any other solutions for this issue?

What other ways are you using Cubase and the Boss?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

As it is described in the manual here:

Cubase supports sending MIDI clock to external devices but cannot slave to incoming MIDI clock.

Is this your case?

Hi Martin, yes I think that is one of the problems. So cubase can’t be a slave to the Boss.