Cubase 11 and Falcon : A Deep and Personal Hatred?

So I own Cubase 10 pro and I’m testing Cubase 11 prior to buying the upgrade.

Cubase 10 worked fine with Falcon but falcon is a VST2 plugin it seems. Cubase 11 has decided that it must blacklist Falcon every time Cubase loads and that when you reactivate it and put it into a project, cubase needs to crash.

What is wrong? Why is Falcon and Cubase 11 such a bad bad idea? I can create crash dump files all day if anyone at Steinberg wants to see them.

64 bit Version of Falcon has absolutely no problem with cubase.
Maybe try to update the ilok drivers.

And can you try if you have the same problem with the UVI Workstation?

Only Falcon x64 is having problems and ONLY with Cubase 11.

Cubase 10 has NO problem with Falcon X64. It appears that CUBASE 11 is kind of insistant and KEEPS ON BLACKLISTING FALCON OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

I certainly won’t buy an upgrade to Cubase if Steinberg can’t make it work with Falcon.

I upgraded to cubase 11 last week, but falcon hasn’t been blacklisted so far.
Did you try the change opengl setting in Falcon?

I have had no luck. Maybe I should switch to bitwig as those guys know how to support popular VSTs, and if a vst has a bug in bitwig, it takes out one track not the whole DAW crashing.

Really steinberg… In 2021.

you didnt tag this ‘issue’.

always attach dmp files

thread title is weird. Why would there be a deep personal hatred?? A little bit sensationalist. Try, Cubase 11 and Falcon gets blacklisted / causes crash

I used Falcon in Cubase 11 all the time with no issues.
I’m on Nuendo 11 now and again no issues.

UVI Workstation or Falcon Blacklisted in Cubase [Windows] – UVI Support

I uninstalled Falcon 3 and reinstalled it, and something seems to have become less screwy since I reinstalled it.

When I reinstalled it, I installed it into the VST2 folder for Cubase, and it seems to hate working in Cubase a bit less now.

This doesn’t really help you, but I had a similar experience with a 64bit piano (Truepiano) plugin.
I had been using this plugin with CB 6.5 64bit on a Win10 desktop PC and a laptop with absolutely no problem.
I upgraded both PC and laptop to CB 10.5. The plugin worked fine on the desktop. However, on the laptop, CB 10.5 would freeze (Cubase is not responding), requiring a forced stop.
In my case it would appear to be a conflict between CB, plugin and hardware. Despite a lot of time spent trying to resolve the issue, I never got to the bottom of it.

Yes. UVI Workstation do NOT work on CUBASE 11!!! Personally om going over to hardware again. im SOOO tired that Pugins not loger supported or dont work anymore. whit DAW updates!

I did use Workstation in Cubase Pro 11, so this is probably something to do with your machine.

I always hate to be that WorksForMe™ person, but … it works on Cubase Pro 11, here. There are no issues.