Cubase 11 and Latest Windows Update

Is Cubase Pro 11 compatible with the new release W10 20H2 Update ???

Not officially.

But running perfect here for a few days now.

Do a full image system backup before trying it in case it goes wrong for you.

Actually, now offcially supported.

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Yesterday I updated to C11 and also to W10 -20H2. Today I did a lot of tests and my system seems to be running just fine, no issues and a better CPU performance. Also my FireWire interface runs more smoothly than before, so I am very glad with both updates on my 9 year old computer.

No problems here with that!

BR, Ernst

I installed it (Cubase 11) when it first came out, and always do Windows Updates, No problems here.

It has been officially supported for nearly a month… See link 4 posts above here :wink:

Interesting to see that with Cubase 8.5. still supported they stick to Windows 1803 which will be no longer supported by Microsoft…