Cubase 11 and MIDI 2?

I think I am right in saying that Cubase 11 has no technologies for MIDI 2? Perhaps this is a later update, or maybe even VST4?


I was told MIDI 2.0 could already be written into current VST spec.

My guess is MIDI 2.0 will be included with the new MIDI API release, and is in general still being ironed out.

Isn’t MIDI2, fully backwards compatible by design?

Yes it is, but I think new insturments will be arriving with 2 way communication such as they can set up with the sequencer and talk to each other about settings instantly without tedious set up. Roland do the only hardware keyboalrd that i know about but there will be more. A Hammond VST for example, might instantly map a MIDI keyboard assign controllers etc, without human interventions, same for mixers. Also new instruments will be capable of a higher degree of accuracy, for example gone are the limits of 128 velocities