Cubase 11 and MySteinberg data.

For some reason the elicenser maintenance step is not updating my mysteinberg account data. On the face of it a small niggle.

But just found another issue regards the failure of the licenser and mysteinberg data to remain in step.

If you want to raise a tech support request to Steinberg their system requires you select your product from a pre programmed list of your registered products built from data on your mysteinberg account. As this data is not being updated from the elicenser software maintenance step you can’t raise a tech query on Cubase 11 via their tech support forms you can only use the general query form. This is another pitfall of all these “intelligent” automatic preprogrammed decisions. One data disconnect and the whole time saving concept disappears.

I suppose this problem, which may effect many Cubase 11 updaters does however work in Steinbergs favour as far as volumes of support queries go, given they are being filtered out by the automatic process of the tech support forms so will reduce automatic workload counts. Wonder if Steinbergs support query data is linked to employee performance in their HR systems or indeed product assessments.

Id suggest registered users checking your mysteinberg account data to see if Cubase 11 is shown as an active product.



Could you trigger Maintenance within eLCC application, please? Are you sure your USB-eLicenser is registered in your MyStienberg account, please?

The maintenance update was triggered from the prompt which I have opened for me everytime I load the eLcc software.

So is that triggering from “within the application”? If so I do that step at every load of the eLcc software.

Yes the dongle identifier is showing on mysteinberg correctly.

I do in fact have multiple dongles but they all show with their related licences if the dongle is attached.

I have just checked mysteinberg account again before responding and it now shows activated as of today, although i activated on the 15th. So I guess there was a “delay phase” between activating and the maintenance data extraction hitting the mysteinberg registration server. In my case up to 24hrs.

So it appears to be working albeit with a hidden delay phase which can give rise to “other issues” such as the mysteinberg Tech Support form not being able to be submitted during any unforeseen delay period.

Something for Steinberg to consider re impacts. Only a frustratraion for the customer.



I would quit Cubase, start eLCC as administrator and trigger Maintenance here.

Hi, I have a similar problems and I just came across this post:

I hope they will fix the problem soon. For now when my eLicense get stuck I restart the comp and it works.