Cubase 11 and SSL Big Six as a USB audio interface

Hello, I work in Cubase 11 and I try tu use BigSix as a interface, but it looks like SSL Big Six hangs up:
When push play multitrack project in Cubase in the begginning everything sound good, but after random time, SSL stops work, i can hear no sound (Cubase is playing). This occures randomly, after 10s or 4min or 1min. Only after Swith Off/On it start to work, but for a minute the problem occures again.
Other than that everything (Mediaplayer, YouTube etx.) works fine in WIN11 when Cubase is switched off.
Does anybody use Cubase and Bigsix together without issues?

Yes of course, I use my Big SIX with Cubase 12 without any problem for one year now. I think your problem is not related to the Big SIX, but rather to your system configuration. Youtube or mediaplayer do not use the same drivers.


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The problem was … to tight USB cable…