Cubase 11 and ur44c in Windows 11 doesn't work right output to monitor

Exactly in Win 11, in Win 10 it works. Meanwhile both level meters on master channel of Cubase moves but of level meters in soundcard mixer moves only one. Lucky for me β€” my main system is Win 10, and Win 11 I have installed for interest. By the way in Adobe Audition both channel sounds well. Is there anybody who tried Cubase on Win 11?

Works good here, this surely has nothing to do with Windows 11 vs 10.

It was my fault: I missed not connected right channel in Control Room.)) Win 11 is rehabilitated!

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Steve, I’m glad to hear that Win 11 is working for you. Is there a setup guide out there or did your Win10 machine just keep the same settings? Fresh install or upgrade?


I would always go for the fresh system, if you can choose.

tbh, I did nothing but update the OS. Literally.

Hey, good to know Steve. I do appreciate what Martin has to say, as well.

My thinking these days, whether to start fresh or to update, is somewhat mixed. After seeing all the updates that Win10 went through (and survived), I think that MS may have created an update system that is beyond what it used to be. Is this possible? Apple seems to have sorted this process so maybe MS has sorted things after all these years.

One thing is for certain, there will be boatloads of Win11 updates - it’s par for the course. Cheers.