Cubase 11 and Windows 11

Hi when will cubase be able to function fully with Windows 11.
My CC 121 Controller is still being tested so it reads but that is since September and still no updates.
Any latest news coming out yet.
Is it woth waiting until next year ?

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You can ind all the information here.

This is like getting a tape recorder message back.
I need the human answer which means, what is the estimate when all is compatible as i have been looking in over a month now and it is still the same list.
Is it worth waiting until next year as things do not seem to be moving very fast.
I am only looking for a rough estimate to when everything on the steinburg site will be compatible.

All the best

what is the big rush to upgrade to Windows 11? why should I want windows 11 right now? I most definitely don’t see any big features in Windows 11 for audio and music production, do you?

only reason I am eager to get Cubase compatible with Windows 11 is that then I get to check out Cubase 12. I just hope Cubase 12 biggest new feature isn’t “dongle free” :smiley:

For me it is not a case of rushing but caution.
I would just like to know where it all stands at this moment,that is all.
It would be nice for us to hear about the possible advantages and drawbacks.
I am eager to go forward as the next man , but looking at what i hear at the moment, it looks like next summer until things get sorted. There is not much info about at the moment.
At this moment i am happy with my dongle. :rofl:

I can tell you I am running Windows 11 with the latest Cubase on an Asus motherboard with AMD. No problems for me so far (1 month) except 1 week I had to wait for an upgrade to my network card which would loose connection when going into standby. Studio wise I run with Mackie protocol midi faders, native instruments midi. I have a few UAD cards, plugin alliance and a bunch of other goodies. no problems to speak of other than with VST Connect Pro (which worked perfectly until Steinberg updated it a few days ago inside Cubase but not for performer)

I will admit I have problems with a few plugins in Cubase, but I had those on Windows 10 too just like on Windows 11 (like u-he synths don’t play midi on 1:01:01:00 and Shaperbox makes Cubase sluggish if you have 2 or more copies open on your screen at once)

so if you feel you must wait for Steinberg to say it is okay, see you next year :wink: if you are willing to try it out why don’t ya? you might not be as lucky as me. Honestly, I love the new look and feel of Windows 11 - i am happy I did go for it

Hi Glen
I am a little concerned that the CC121 controller might not work as It is supposed to be still in testing according to the list and that list has not changed for a while now.
I would of thought that Steinburg would of been on top of this sooner as my Focusrite first gen is compatible with Win 11. I do use a Yamaha Genos and i would think that the midi side is also compatible. I use the Genos with Vst 3 , but 2 at the moment for Sample Robot. Great for getting vst samples into the Genos. Genos is also great for just playing.
Oh well, I must wait a little longer as things are all working nicely at the moment.
I need to see the green light flashing :yum:

All the Best