Cubase 11 Annoying Noise on stop play

Since installing Cubase 11, whenever stop play is hit via CC121 controller, PC spacebar, or transport bar in the track list window, Cubase11 is playing the A1 key on the first 2 VST instruments in the first rack instance of Halion Sonic to be played.
If I mute those instruments then no sound, but they are still being played.
I have updated the CC121, and my UR-RT4 drivers.
I have updated the Halion Sonic software.
This does not happen (using the same project) in Cubase Pro 10.5 that I still have installed.
Any ideas what may be causing this?

A wrong configuration of the CC121? Maybe?
It sounds like the stop command is associated with a note.

Tough to say on that one re the CC121. It happens using the spacebar on my PC or the stop button in the transport section of the track list window as well.
Also not happening in Cubase 10.5.
Didn’t change anything on the CC121.
Maybe the programmers changed some default setting in Cubase 11.

Is the CC121 mapping correct?
Is it present in “all midi inputs”?

Not sure what you mean by, “is the CC121 mapping correct?”
The CC121 is present in the “all midi inputs.”
The CC121 show as a remote device in the remote device section

Contacted Steinberg Support directly. Alas, the usual reset the preferences response. Results forthcoming.

turn it off, maybe it confuses your VSTi’s?

Does it happen in a project you created with an older version of Cubase (maybe 10.5) ? I had the same Issue with an existing project. I then created a blank project in Cubase 11 and imported all tracks from the original project, that fixed it.

It is somewhat related. This issue is not present in 10.5 .

I reset the Cubase 11 Preferences (did not remove the problem, but did resolve a window problem that I already have escalated to Cubase Support, but have not received a reply from).

I reset the Halion Sonic, and Sonic6 preferences. Still have the problem.

I isolated down to 2 (1 and 12) slots in the Halion Sonic instance in the Rack. No matter what instruments I load into either of those slots, the sound persists. The sound changes according to the instruments loaded. If I mute the 2 channels, or unload those slots, The problem disappears.

So I find that I am now having to rebuild that Halion Sonic instance in the Rack. Of course in doing so, it means I have to rebuild the out channels in the track window along with all of their settings and automation.

So far I have moved 6 out of the 11 slots I was using in the original instance. The new instance does not have that problem.

It remains to be seen yet if the problem will be cured until I get this new build completed, and the old instance removed.

The next instance in the rack is currently frozen. Once I have removed the old instance, I will unfreeze what will then become the first instance, and see if the problem has migrated to the new first instance.

This is becoming a real problem with the Cubase major updates. I had to completely rebuild my template with the Cubase 9 to Cubase 10 update, because it suddenly lost it’s connections from the VST instruments to the output channels. Now going from 10.5 to 11 requires me to rebuild a whole instance of Halion Sonic.

I created templates so I don’t have to rebuild the wheel every time I start a new project. Between these last 2 updates, I have literally been set back 2 months in order to get a useable product.

It isn’t the hardware, as it can’t be any more generic for them. I’m using their hardware.

They seem to have no concern whatsoever for the time it takes to set these things up and configure them.

Did you turn off the CC121 in all MIDI inputs?

Yes I did. Problem occured even when I completely removed the CC121, and my M-Audio Hammer88 keyboard controller physically from the system along with their associated drivers. I just used the space bar to start and stop the transport. Still got the tone.

I removed the original instance of Halion Sonic 3 from the rack, and rebuilt the instance from scratch. No more problems.

Now I get to go figure out why my EastWest Sounds Hollywood Backup Singers has lost it’s ability to recognize it’s WordBuilder entries since this accursed Cubase 11 update has been installed… A subject for a different forum topic.

As said the All midi Input, should NOT be checked ON.
Or else it will do exactly as it says, sending midi information to every track that has that “group” of “All MIDI Input” set as input.

All problems resolved now by removing the first instance of Halion Sonic, and rebuilding it.

Hardware had nothing to do with this as the CC121, my midi controller, and their associated drivers were removed, yet the problem remained until I did the rebuild.

Thanks for the well meaning input.

Yeah. this still happened in 11 and now 12. The fix seems to be to remove and recreate the track events. Thanks!