“Cubase 11.app” would like to record this computer’s screen

“Cubase 11.app” would like to record this
computer’s screen.


Mac Monterey 12.4

Cubase 12.app would like to record this computer’s screen. (version
Cubase 12.app would like to record this computer's screen 2022-11-25 at 17.49.01
Anybody else not ever get these? WTH? Allow the apps below to record the contents of your screen, even while using other apps.

Why? What is purpose of this?

Did you hit the key combo shift-cmd-5?


See How to record the screen on your Mac - Apple Support

No, it seems that request comes from Cubase.app

But Cubase does not have such a function.

Thats exactly why this is very strange. Why cubase trying take video capture from screen?

I’m sure it is not.

MacOS think it is.

. Some context about when you see this message would be nice.

If you’re using VST Connect that permission might be used for screen sharing when using that.

Good idea. Context how and when this happened, what I was doing, nothing special. I was maybe recording midi or editing audio, something like that, not sure. VST connect has been causing crashes in my system. Im not using it so Im gonna delete it again.

This just happened to me. I was about to press retrospective record button and the pop up message came up asking me to allow Cubase to screen record?!

Prior to this when loading Cubase a message popped up asking to allow Cubase access to my laptop camera. I said no but the camera went live for a few seconds then went off.

Is AI taking over now??

No. But see above

I have the same experience. When i was conecting iPad like extension screen, this popup shows, that Nuendo wants to record screen. And i found in permissions also, that nuedo has access to camera. Also wondering why…