Cubase 11 ARA folder is gigantic from using Melodyne

Thanks @Spork for the explanation.

I can totally see that you need temp files of these events and that if you resize you naturally need a temp file of that. But it still just needs one temp file of that particular part. If I then decide to resize again, it can just create a new temp file from the original and apply whatever processing has already been done and continue from there.

Instead, Cubase creates new temp files not only of the sections of a clip that you apply the ARA plugin to but to the whole clip, including all takes, even if don’t edit anything in the clip.

Slice a clip with 10 loop takes in 10 places and just launch an ARA plugin to 10 of those clips and the ARA folder will be >10x the size of the original clip, with 10 untouched copies of the original audio. What is the point of that? That is clearly not necessary, but that’s how it works. Check my post from 26th February (or the support case) and you see what I mean.

What Cubase should do is to make a copy of that particular part of the clip that is being edited or at least just of that take (to allow for resize). There is absolutely no need to make a copy of all 10 takes, for every little edit you do.

The only time I can buy that you need to make a new copy of a section of a file is when you change the size of the section where you apply ARA so that it overlaps some other part of the same clip, but that can be done from the original.

Size of the folder is one issue, but disk is cheap, even SSDs, so we can possibly live with that, but the real problem is that even a very powerful computer grinds to a halt if you actually use this as is demonstrated in this promo video for a 3 min pop song
Even just starting and stopping the project takes several minutes on a 16 core i9, 128GB DDR4, 4TB M.2 NVMe system after a normal comping session. That is the real problem, that Cubase for some reason struggles to shift the data. And this is pretty much regardless of what types of edits we do to it.

So, our workaround is to actually use Melodyne with ARA in Cubase right now is to print everything when you’re done with that take. If you later need to go back and edit that part again, you either start from scratch with the original audio or you edit the printed audio, which is less then ideal. That sort of makes ARA a bit redundant. We could have done that the old fashioned way. And this makes the workflow destructive, which isn’t very clever in 2021.

Also, it is somewhat hard to follow your post without any illustrations and with just one paragraph. This has also been a support case since December and we’ve been promised a solution in 11.0.20. So, that doesn’t fully tally with your explanation above. Also, not sure why you apply transpose and then use Melodyne, why not use Melodyne from the start?

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At least he says a fix (or two…?) are coming soon… no idea how the fundamental architecture can ever really change, to get round the multiple copies concern whilst keeping ‘live’ comping all the way (no renders, no printing).