Cubase 11 ARA support for vocalign ultra

When will steinberg release this update?? :pray::v::relaxed:

hi Muhammad - welcome to the forum.

There hasn’t been an official announcement about this - but the Nuendo update is due in the next couple of weeks…I’m willing to guess the Cubase update won’t be too far behind…but no promises.

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I am also waiting for this update as I destroyed my old license with the upgrade of Vocalign

hi Promed

it’s annoying that SynchroArts wipe your old licence - or that the Ultra licence doesn’t allow you to run Project…but they’ve always been like that.

Drop synchro arts an email and they’ll probably supply you with a temporary licence for the older version- or you could the trial…which I think lasts 2 weeks ?

I for one, am looking forward to being able to edit the Project Assistant. It is beginning to get confusing.

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anybody had a chance to try this with the release of C11.0.10 today ?

… 11.0.10 is ready for it.


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Yes, finally… This update is ready for the ultra… :+1::+1::+1::pray::pray::pray:

I’d really like your feedback :slight_smile:

Revoice Pro is the worst implementation of ARA compared to ALL the other ones that support it…hoping this is improved in Vocalign Ultra - I have it in my ‘shopping basket’ and looking for a reason to buy

I tried (Revoice Pro) in version 3 before, and I wasn’t satisfied with how it worked. But for applications like Vocalign, I don’t think there is anything better than this. I only hope The Ultra will work more stable than the previous version.
And regarding the new features (which take some of the features from Revoice Pro) I think it will be more fun for me :heart_eyes::grinning:
It is better if you try it (in the trial version) :pray::relaxed:

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pulled the trigger and bought it:

not very impressed so far.

The ARA implementation is better than in Revoice Pro but it’s still way behind anybody else’s.

The window management is really bad - (in win10) - It still insists on opening in it’s own window, which is fine but there is no ‘always on top’ option for it. It won’t even display on top of other ‘on top’ windows such as plugins or notepad. So you are CONSTANTLY chasing it with ALT-TAB

You can’t type values into the plug-in window - the focus stays with the arrange window

You have to add the extension to both guide and dub - meaning you can’t use any other extension on the guide - or you have to commit/bounce

if you have a ultrawide monitor then the window starts scrolling at about halfway - so no point in the ‘resize’ feature. An no way to stop scrolling.

The terrible window handling means that you can’t open the settings window - or when you do you have to find it via ALT-TAB

Almost unusable at this point I think. YMMV

my score - 2/10

Dang … so all my fears came true. Thanks for reporting this.

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still anxious for other people’s experience

Update on this: I finally tried the latest version of Revoice Pro with the latest C11 build, and the result was me yelling at the screen many times. Synchro Arts needs to get their game up – it simply sucks as far as ARA integration compared with programs like Melodyne.