Cubase 11 Artist for orchestral composition

I am looking into buying Cubase 11 Artist but have a few questions…
At the moment I am using FL Studio and I’m looking at Cubase as some websites/reviews say that Cubase is a better product for orchestral composition, which is what I’m doing.
I’ve got a subscription on EWQL composer cloud. These instruments are my main tool.

The thing I miss most in FL Studio at the moment is a flexible workflow to be able to compose with score. I tried using Dorico or MuseScore and export as midi, import in the piano roll in FL Studio but that workflow is a bit cumbersome and doesn’t allow for much flexibility, improvisation and so on.

From what I can tell, the Artist edition has a basic score editor but I cannot find how basic it is… I’m not after extensive formatting or exporting to sheet music. Just being able to enter notes on the score instead of clicking in a piano roll.
Will the artist edition allow me to do that or do I need the pro version for that?

Could someone give some more info about the differences between the advanced score editor that comes with pro vs basic for the artist version?

You should be able to click notes into the Score in Artist. You can always try an Elements trial and see what it’s Basic Score Editor is like. Artist’s cannot be lower-end than that…