Cubase 11 Artist: strange automation behavior on audio tracks

Hi guys,

I’m working on Cubase 11 Artist (been on 7.5 artist for years). Today I’m writing automation on a vocal track but after the automation recording the automation curve is very different from the recorded data/curve. I’ve written lots of rides (via a C121 controller) but Cubase only displays two of three points and straight lines. Do I miss a setting? In Cubase 7.5 Artist this worked everytime.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.



I’m not sure, if this option is also available in Cubase Artist, but in Cubase Pro, you can change the Reduction Level in the Automation Panel > Settings. With lower reduction you get more automation nodes, closer to the curve you were really writing.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your help.
In Cubase Artist there is no automation panel but I found the setting (a slider) in the preferences. It now works great!