Cubase 11 Audio Events Relocate When Selected

Upgraded from Cubase 9.5 to Cubase 11. Now when I select audio events (in old projects) with the object selection tool they sometimes jump ahead 8 bars. In a project some will jump, some will stay in place. Does anyone one know why they do not stay in place anymore when clicked on?

Exactly 8 bars? Can you post a couple of screenshots both before & after. Make sure to include the Inspector for the Track in question and also the Ruler showing Bars & Beats.

Hello raino,

Very nice to meet you. I think you have (accidentally) solved a nightmare that has plagued me since my upgrade & has completely stumped everyone I have contacted.

I’m using dual monitors. When the track window loads up it is spread across the two screens. I can only get a screen shot on the main window so I resized the track window.

The problem goes away! Probably the most bizarre hardware problem I have ever encountered. Thank you for asking for the screenshot!