Cubase 11 audio setup and settings

I have a strange issue, i upgraded from 10.5 to 11, then moved everything to a desktop from my laptop to a better stable computer. This has corrected unstable issues i was having but now i am having odd issues with my mic and a Yamaha mixer mg10xu as the input. The system shows the driver and i can record, but the inputs is acting odd. On my old system i would create a new channel for my vocals and it worked like a charm, would auto configure my settings and i could just basically lay down vocals. Now every time i record, when i setup a channel i have to select in input, (created a new mono input bus), and it was working similar to before, then from last week to this (i am a weekend warrior) i started to try to record and its not automatically routing the vocals to the recording channel, now i have to select monitor to make it work. its frustrating. cannot figure out what has changed since then to now and cannot find any videos how to setup all my settings. The older videos show the old way, c11 looks different. Is there some way i can configure it to where it automatically creates the right settings and i dont have to keep setting monitor on and off when i am working tracks?

Change Auto Monitoring to “While Record-Enabled”

Thank you!!! How do I get to that screen?

Michael Goldsmith

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Edit from the top menu bar, then select Preferences, then go down to VST as Raino showed…

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Thank you everyone