Cubase 11 audio track drop out after 2 seconds

I have imported some audio to my project and the track plays for a short time and then there is silence only from the audio track. The remaining VSTs keep playing without incident. I have increased all the buffers settings to max (with 30 sec latency indicated). I have a new 10th generation I9 computer with a SSD drive and a M.2 ssd drive with RTX3070 video and latest drivers , 32 mb fast ram etc. Fresh install of cubase 11 pro. Sometimes I will not hear anything from the audio track unless I toggle the “musical mode” symbol. Any help would be appreciated. The audio always plays back fine when double clicked and played from the audio editor in the bottom panel. Also I am routing audio from a native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 interface.


Could you test your system by using LatencyMon utility, please?

Hi . Not sure if I am doing this right. I tried turning off asio guard and multi core processing options in the audio dialogue and so far all seems fine with no drop outs. I am still investigating.

try opening a new, blank cubase project - drop the sample in and see if it plays ok. that will narrow this down a bit. it’s unlikely to be latency/computer ability issue.