Cubase 11 - automation unmute triggers but track does not unmute

Sorry if this has already been reported but I couldn’t find it using numerous search terms…

On Cubase 11 on Windows 10, before and after latest version 11.0.20, when doing a lot of manual automation (having R set and using the pointer to add an event on the track) with mute sometimes the playback shows the mute properly responding to automation but the track does not actually unmute.

This also affects export/audio mixdown.

Saving the project, closing the project, and reloading it clears the problem but if more automation is done the same problem will occur sooner or later (as far as I can tell at a different place.)

So far this seems random. I have not figured out a way to force it to happen other than going through a track and doing lots of mutes and unmute automation entries.

One thought - I tend to do lane work and mute automation at the same time, so it could be a result of (for example) having the lane selection hand chosen instead of the arrow pointer? I have not had a chance to see if that makes a difference. Note that even with the lane selection hand selected it still switches to the pencil when hovered over the automation event track and still allows the point to be entered.)