Cubase 11 Autosave function isn't overwriting. Is this a bug?

My autosave is set to 10mins, max saves 10, I’ve just had a crash and my last autosave is from hours ago. What’s going on here? I presumed once the max was reached the autosave overwrites the oldest. This doesn’t seem to of worked. Any ideas? Thank you

Anybody??? Please

I wanted to respond, but I’m afraid I have nothing more to say than check if it happens in safe start mode, and if it does, delete your prefs.

I think the only workaround is to develop a habit of manually hitting ctrl-s save every chance you get. For me it’s become a reflex and I don’t have to think about it. Of course my training for this was painfully losing work, and pain is a great teacher.


Same here. Generally I use a function key programmed on my CMC-AI to Save, but apparently I’ve hit that button often enough that it is starting to physically fail.

Yeah- I’ve also tried to solve this with an ahk script calling Save as New Version, but this causes other headaches with keeping track of the versions, especially after a crash, for whatever reason- Cubase or OS or unplugging…

If I recall correctly, one thing to remember, and with the OPs case I highly doubt “hours ago” would apply, but if Cubase is in record mode, auto-save would be disabled until such time it’s no longer in record mode.

Yeah, and in play mode too.

Just be careful. I had this happen and it turned out the song file was corrupt - that’s why it wasn’t saving. I didn’t get the message for quite a while though. I look for those .bak now.

Okay, hours ago was an exaggeration. I usually do press control Ctrl S repeatedly, after everytime I press play, as we’re waiting for what ever change we’ve made to come round again (those few seconds) the save function locking out being able to do anything doesn’t actually slows us down, it happens at the same time.

All seems to be working now and I believe the issue was as pkmusic suggests. Thinking about it now I do remember getting the Cubase warning to save and restart but I didn’t as everything still worked, I was going to but was in the moment.

Thank you

Hahaaa :joy:

I’ve developed that ctrs+shift+s-automatism so long ago, with SX1 I think. On some longterm projects the size of all .cpr files from start to finish (sometimes around 400) even topped the file size of the audio folder :partying_face: