Cubase 11 Average Audio Processing Load Problem

Hi. im using mac pro with focusrite 12i20. i have 72gb ram and when i check activity monitor, my computer is using %15 of ram top but cubase average audio processing is showing like %90 in my loaded projects. whan can i do to reduce that ? heres my computers details :

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 14.34.12


The RAM usage isn’t generally related to the processing load.
The only way to reduce that load would be to work on smaller projects with less plugins and less tracks.

Also your computer seems to be quite old.
I think that if you want to work on bigger projects, the best would be to upgrade your computer or buy a new one.
For the same price than what you paid back in the days, you’ll get ten times the performance.

  1. Use SENDS instead of loading up all your inserts and overloading the CPU.

  2. Use GROUPS instead of inserting plugins on EVERY TRACK. Top down mixing.

  3. Make sure your PROJECT is on a separate drive and not the main HD.


  5. Under STUDIO SETUP check your ASIO GUARD setting as well as the ACTIVATE MULTIPROCESSING box

**Im on an OLD (MID 2010 MacPro) with with 2GB stock video card, 14 GB RAM and the slower 1033 RAM. Dual quad 2.4 here. By all means your system smashes mine

thank you for your kind answers. i though it was about ram. same old computer story again :frowning:

What Audio Interface are you using there?

focusrite 18i20

1st Gen?

3rd gen

You are using a secondary HD for the Projects yes?

If yes then the best thing you can do is top down mixing like I do here. You use way less plugins. IF you are using Ozone 9 , do that in a different Project for the Master. It eats CPU for lunch here. Try all those suggestions I gave as well

ive tried everything. the best result is, changed buffer size from 256 to 2048 when i finished recording. im doing my mix and master with this settings. its better now

IF you have PLUGIN INSERT syndrome you will eat your CPU up very quickly.

Use your INSERTS for Dynamics stuff: Compression/EQ etc

Use SENDS for : Reverbs, Delays, Echos, Flange, Chorus

IF you are using VST Instruments, bounce them or freeze them to audio as well.