Cubase 11 Black Screen


When I close a project but leave Cubase 11 programme open, I now get a full black screen, does anyone have any idea why this might have started happening at all?


Hi Mo

assuming windows ? try un-maximising the cubase window- or double clicking the menu bar

(not in front of cubase at the moment so can’t remember which combination you need to click :slight_smile: )

The windows management in cubase is a bit wonky - and it gives that black background when you have no project open but in full screen mode.

Than you, much appreciated. It’s just a bit strange that it’s only just started to happen, before it was just the info band at the top, whether full or minimised!

Thanks again

Hi Maurice

(just edited your last post - it had some personal contact info on because you replied via email…wasn’t sure if you wanted to reveal that)

It probably didn’t just start to happen - it’s just that you never ‘triggered’ it before. It’s been like this for a long time.

Many thanks, I really do appreciate your help with all of that.

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