CuBase 11 blacked out on opening

My CuBase 11 Pro (activated on 22/05/2021) has stopped working. When I load up any project both screens are all black. A few bits of audio file then show up on the project page and if I hover my cursor over the page all the audio files start to appear. Same goes for the track names, menu strips and inspector fields as well as the channel strips on the mixer page. I have to click on each channel strip for it to appear. There is no audio on channel strips or master outs on playback, though transport and automation still seems to be reading. There’s no option in the Audio Connections - Output to change from my RME Fireface 802 to Built In Audio. My OS is Mac Sanoma 14.0.

You need to update macOS to 14.1.


Cubase 11 is not officially supported on macOS Sonoma.

Cubase 13 is officially compatible with macOS Sonoma, now.