Cubase 11 bug auto-fades

A lifelong user of Cubase here.
I just upgraded from Cubase 10.5 due to some issues, just to find new annoying ones. The story of my life with Cubase… well,

  • First, the Download Assistant didn’t work for me, as the browser log-in system can’t communicate with the app properly (with Chrome and Firefox). Anyway, I managed to download, install and authorize C11 outside of the assistant.
  • The audio tracks auto-fade functions don’t work properly if there are MUTED events in other lanes. So I must DELETE, not just mute, the corresponding segments of audio in the other lanes for the audio to sound clean. If not, there are glitches at the limits of the events (does Cubase try to crossfade with a muted event?).
    Let’s see if it can be replicated by your side, and fixed soon…

Thank you,


Is it new in Cubase 11 for you, please?

I don’t have this problem in C10.5, if that’s what you are asking…


Could you please provide a sample project? I don’t know, how should be the lanes and events organised in the project/track, to be able to reproduce it. Thank you.