Cubase 11 Bug: Ctrl-clicking on the Color tool does not show the full color palette

How can I see the full color palette? It is useful for coloring events on the timeline.

The tooltip on the color button advises users to Ctrl-click on the Color tool to see the full palette, but when I do that, nothing happens!

Scrolling my mouse wheel allows me to scroll through the color choices, one at a time, but that’s not very convenient. It’s easier to judge what color to use when the entire palette of colors is visible at a glance.

So Steinberg, please ensure that there is some way to easily view the entire palette of colors. Or simply restore the previous functionality of the Color tool, as it was in version 9.5. It worked just fine, and did not need to be changed.


I’m running Windows 10, Build 19042 on the following desktop computer: Asus X299 motherboard with Intel i7-9800x Skylake processor, 64 GB RAM, Asus Geforce GTX 1070 graphics card, Corsair 850 watt power supply, Dell UHD monitor.

Maybe you do something wrong… it works as intended on my Nuendo 11
Should be the same on Cubase 11…

Have you tried Ctrl-click on the event itself after selecting the Colour tool?

I’d also say that this might be the possible reason. It does not work on the tool itself but hovering over a part with the color tool selected and pressing Ctrl brings up the palette here and it also changes the mouse pointer.

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Nico5 and Ed_Doll, yes, that works for me. Specifically,

  1. Click the color tool, if it’s not already selected.
  2. Ctrl-click an event, and the palette will appear.


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