Cubase 11 Bug Reports

I’ve upgraded from 10.5 Pro to 11.0 Pro and noticed that a couple of VST plugins are totally crashing 11 while working perfectly on 10.5, so at the moment I am working on both versions depending on which plugins I am using, not very nice.

Is this the right place to report bugs or is there a form to fill out and if so where should it be sent?

Hi Rob , i think the way to do it is to tag your post with an Issue Tag , Im not one hundred percent sure but it seems logical

Hi Rob,

You can create a support ticket in MySteinberg and you can post here as suggested with the “issue” tag. In both cases, since it is about crashes and plug-ins, it would be helpful to have a look at the crash reports and the plug-in report from the plug-in manager. Are all you plug-ins up to date?


Thanks both for you advices, I wil have a close look at your suggestions.
Best regards

Hello i have the same problem. A lot of bug with cubase 11 with my VST (Slate Digital, Seven Heaven pro, Soundtoys,) . All was working with Cubase 10.5… Now Cubase 11 freeze all the time… please help me


Could it be possible to rename the title of this post to something more meaningful and directly related to the problem? In this way users with the same issue can find it easily, while other users interested in General Bug Reports instructions would not open this by accident.

Thank you!

Hi, I think I have found the root of the problem or at least a way around it. It looks like this is from the screen resolution I’m using being on 4K (3840 x 2160).
I tested the lower resolutions and when I got to 2048x1152, miraculously all my plugins started working.
I suspect that the new resizing features introduced in version 11 need some further work.
I hope that an update will fix this problem very soon but for now I can work without any more crashes.

Hi powernemo,
Sorry I don’t see any option to change the title in here by myself, maybe the administrator could ?

Hello Rob_Two,

it should be pretty easy to rename the title. There should be a little pencil icon near the title in the post itself (see image). After you edit you can click the blue button to accept your changes.
Hope it helps!


Hello powernemo, that’s an interesting one, on my side I see that pen on my next comments but not on the first post :man_shrugging:

Pretty weird indeed… I dunno what’s the case of this sorry